QuiP36 Masking Dispenser 36mm tapes

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Product description
QuiP36 Masking Dispenser maximum control and precision with your masking job. Straight lines and curves. Maximise your result! Your masking job becomes a simple task. Ideally suited for applying tape accurately and fast when for example using paint sprayers. Applying tape becomes a simple task with the QuiP25 Masking Dispenser. Quickly and with precision in a straight line.Cutting the tape is straight and precise.
Useful for all those angles, such as skirting boards, walls. In addition the Masking Dispenser comes with a steel plate that guides and helps you to apply tape accurately in small window frames, corners and edges. Because the tape is cut straight it will be applied exactly in the corner. Besides the Hand Masker
The housing of the Masking Dispenser protects the tape so that dust and dirt do not have a chance to stick at the side of the tape.Always the beginning of the tape straight at hand.

Take the hassle out of your painting job!

Masking Dispenser characteristics:

  • Dimensions: LxWXH 9x6x1.2 inch (27x15x3cm)
  • Weight: 300 gram
  • Material: Polypropylene/ Metal
  • Colour Anthracite/ Green
  • Grip: pistol grip with trigger
  • Wheels: soft rubber to maximise masking
  • Cutting mechanism: Secure blade and safety mechanism
  • Additional tool: Steel guiding plate
  • Housing protects the tape
  • ​Coil: Adjustable tension
Masking Dispensers various sizes

The QuiP gamma Masking Dispensers for most common tape widths are 25mm (1 inch), 36mm and 38mm (1.5 inch). The housing prevents that dust and dirt decreases the quality of the tape. A secured internal knife is only activated when you want to cut the tape straight and precise. No more searching and peel off the beginning of the tape. It saves you a lot of annoying moments!

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